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Why Home4Trip & AngloSaxon?
  • The most senior and trustworthy company in the market with over 40 years of experience in real estate and overseas relations.
  • Legitimacy guaranteed with the dignified stamp of approval from the mayor of Jerusalem.
  • Control your apartment with a simple user friendly online interface allowing you to block whatever dates you want the apartment for yourself.
  • Have your apartment taken care for so that on arriving you will find it clean, tidy and well maintained.

2 Ways To Do Tt!

Annual Rental & Anglo Sason real state offer your property managment services for your long term rentals.

Short term rental & Anglo Sason real state offer your rental to tourists and business travelers for short term rentals.

They write about us on the papers

"If you stay somewhere more than a week. I think an apartment is the best option...a visit to Home4Trip shows hundresds of apartments available for short term rent in Tel Aviv, Jeruslaem and other top cities. The ads cite the apartments size, Number of rooms, the furnishings and the price per night..." (Haaretz 17.10.2011)     Read more>>

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