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Our Managment Team

At Home4Trip, we're dedicated to putting our faces behind we do so you feel like a truly welcomed guest. With that in mind, we'd like you to meet our team members - and learn a little bit about what makes each of them so unique...

Yoni Shapira

The rational one, yoniYoni makes sure the numbers are running. He also handles client care and software for the company.

Naomi Nemenman

Our guide to the Russion federation. Maria is handling eMarketing and client care in russion and English.

Yochanan Imri

Yochanan handles client care and property management in Jerusalem. Yochanan moved from the US to israel few years ago and he likes making fun of our English.

Amnon Mazur

Amnon takes care of all Tel Aviv property management activity for us. Consider him like the "Big Lebowski" had moved to Israel and was living inside Amnon's body. Amnon is also a great cook.

Dvir Atias

Dvir is hard at work with client care and e-marketing for Home4Trip.Dvir is an inventing machine, trying to set the world record for the most amoung of startups created in one minute.

Maxim Golbraich

Maxim is handling both eMarketing and client care. Our resident Google-master. Maxim can also give you great tips about traveling in India, but for now he loves it here with us as well.

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