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Sea view from the balcony Walking distance from the Carmel market.

What's in it?

Totally refurbished holiday apartment in tel aviv, with a sea view from the balcony.
The vacation rental in tel aviv is fully equipped with everything you will need during your stay.
Walking distance from the beach, where you could rent windsurfing equipment for the day.

Ideal for short term rental in tel aviv


What is the area like?

This is the first neighbourhood area built outside Jaffa and has expanded into a new and modern area for tourists and locals alike. You are next to the Carmel Market where you can stock up daily on foods and such for your vacation in Tel Aviv. A short walk will bring you to Neve Tzedek with its turn of the century homes that have all been renovated in this very trendy part of the city. You can take the boardwalk north to all the best beaches or south to Jaffa and Bat Yam.



What shall I have for lunch?

Try Kimmel's for great local fair right in your neighbourhood. There is an array of traditional fare offered here. Goose liver cooked in plum and fig sauce, tucked in a mushroom is a mouthful of delight. The variety of bread offered here is spiced with 'zataar', a local spice, dill, garlic, lemon, olive oil and served with honey, pepper, berry, figs or pistachio sauces.
Want great fresh seafood caught locally every day? Try Mul Yam at the Tel Aviv Port. Mul Yam at the Tel Aviv Port is a seafood restaurant that is highly rated and most sought-after in the city. The restaurant maintains a high standard and flies in lobsters, mussels, rice, mushrooms etc. from around the globe regularly



Where can I empty my wallet?

The Carmel Market offers everything you need for food, wines, beers, cheeses and more. For fans of freshness, there could be no better destination - perfect parsley, the juiciest melons, the most marvellous mangoes. Not to mention the meat, the fish, the cheeses, the flowers - a true cornucopia of flavours and aromas. Stalls line both sides of the covered market's main walkway, but don't miss the shops in the tiny alleys behind. That's where you'll find the genuine gems: the cheese and smoked meat delicatessens, the barrels full of herring and other salted fish, all varieties of pickles, halvah and other sweets, even clothing and fabric shops. Your nose will guide you to the bakeries, spice shops and coffee-roasters.

Arts and Entertainment?

Sheinkin street is in the centre of the city, between Alenby St to Dizengof St. There you can find all the latest local and international fashion, good music stores and even some galleries. Also around here many trendy coffee shops and bars.

Let's Get Practical

There are many buses in and out of this area to all parts of Tel Aviv and all of Israel. The Carmelit Station is close by for local buses. You can get a cab very cheaply in the city 24/7/ all banks have ATMs so you can get cash advances from home at the most recent rates of exchange. Find a grocer who will deliver and have all your needs brought to your door one time or enjoy the Carmel Market every day for fresh choices.

Apartment Features
8 Guests
3 Bedrooms,
2 Bathrooms
Area 90 m 2
Sea view from the balcony
Rates starting at  € 
  • DVD player
  • Entrance security camera syste
  • Parking
  • Washing machine
  • Air-conditioning
  • Dryer machine
  • Elevator
  • Bed sofa
  • Queen size double bed
  • Wireless Connection
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • TV
  • Playstation 2
  • Gas stove
  • MicroWave
  • Pots & pans
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Bathtub
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Oven
  • InterCom / Door Phone

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Cleaning Cost €40
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