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amazing location in Rechavia in an Ottoman Style home a jacuzzi tub for relaxing and enjoying an out of the way space in the heart of everything

What's in it?

This holiday apartment in jerusalem is decorated with nice furnishings including a large queen size bed, a comfortable sitting area with TV and cable included. You can also get internet here in this vacation rental in jerusalem to check in back home or do some last minute work. It has a full kitchen that is well equipped for fixing a light breakfast or a full dinner. There is a jacuzzi tub that will hold two in a bathroom designed like a spa. Grab a glass of wine and sit back and turn on the bubbles!!! You are home on vacation! Perfect for short term rental in jerusalem

What is the area like?

This is Rechavia. It is minutes to the Inbal Hotel and only 25 minutes walk to the old city and the kotel. you can walk in the other direction to the city center and the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall. The king Daviv Hotel is not far away with many fine shops along the way. Quiet tree lined streets are your adventures waiting to happen. Just get lost here strolling together all along to the German Colony or further into the neighborhoods of this Holy City.

What shall I have for lunch?

A walk in any direction will send your taste buds soaring. You can choose from Middle Eastern schwarma stands, hummus and pita or sit back and enjoy an Israeli grill. There are many avenues with great niche restaurants. Find Yoel Solomon at the end of the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and take your pick. You cannot go wrong with many of thr tried and true tatstes here iin this great international city.

Where can I empty my wallet?

After your desires for food have been satisfied and you are fueled up continue along Jaffa Street. It will take you to the new Mamilla Mall. Here you can choose from many Israeli local favorites such as TNT, Cstro and FOX. Be the first in your city to wear the latest Israeli fashions. You can also choose some international stores that cannot be found any nearer to the middle east than Europe's shops. Stop in to Rolex, Polo and Citizen and window shop or take back some great gifts.

You must walk all the way through to the end of the mall. It brings you to the Jaffa Gate which is the entrance to the old city and its daily bazaars. You enter into the Arab Quarter with its magic carpets, caffias, pashminia and a variety of local fare and imported kitche. The Chrixtian Quarter has all the tourist gear as well and some fabulous sites and old architecture back to the 3rd and 4th centuries. The Armenian Quarter is filled with old churches and a local ceramic and pottery that is on everyone's list for gifts. And on to the kotel in the Jewish Quarter you will find all judaica and Israeli artisans to choose from with tallit, teffilin, or any bit of kitche that you can want for friends and family or to decorate your own home.

Arts and Entertainment?

The Wall Tunnel  tour is amazing. What is now far underground was once open to the sky. You will see "Wilson's Arch" - part of the support for a bridge connecting the Temple Mount to the Upper City, along with large halls from different periods, including one that was perhaps the Jerusalem council meeting room or city archive from the Hasmonean period. Water channels, and the largest block of stone used in constructing the wall are also visible. Models and an audio-visual display enable visitors to understand the various sites.

Let's Get Practical

You are near everything but far enough away this is a haven in the city. On one side you have tree lined side streets and on the other you have the heart of the city. You can walk to the street and find buses to the city center or to the central bus station to get you to all parts of Israel or to the train station to go north to Rosh Hanikrya or south to Ashkelon. Cabs are cheap and easy to find on all streets at all hours. The city closes on Friday afternoons until Saturday nights when you can find everyone hanging out on the pedestrian malls people watching and catching up and making plans for the next week.

Apartment Features
2 Guests
1 Bedroom,
1 Bathroom
Area 32 m 2
Ground Floor
amazing location in Rechavia in an Ottoman Style home
Rates starting at  € 
  • Electric stove
  • Queen size double bed
  • Kosher Kitchen
  • Wireless Connection
  • Cable/satellite TV
  • TV
  • Shabbat Urn
  • Gas stove
  • MicroWave
  • Shabbat timer
  • Pots & pans
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Fridge king sized
  • Shower
  • Bathtub with Jacuzzi jets
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Oven
  • Synagogue Next by

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Cleaning Cost €67
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